Bereaved & Blessed: Johanna Traveras honors Nicholas

Stillbirth effects about 1% of all pregnancies, and each year about 24,000 babies are stillborn in the United States. This statistic can be found on the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (HERE ) along with other facts on stillbirth.

I read this statistic more than 4 years ago and subconsciously thought, “That is really low. Too low to worry about.” I didn’t say it out loud. I wasn’t fully aware of how I felt immune to such a “low statistic.” The truth is, I read that and immediately placed myself in the 99% of pregnancies that are not effected. How could it happen to me? I was healthy. My pregnancy was normal.

That’s the thing about stillbirth…

You don’t always get a warning sign. There is no screening for stillbirth in healthy pregnancies. It just happens. No warning. No preparing. Nothing prepares you for those 6 words that will forever change you…. “I’m sorry. There is no heartbeat.”

That moment is forever burned into your memory. It is the pivotal point. The moment when life as you knew it stops and a whole new life begins. A life without the baby and the hopes and dreams you had for a future you will now never know.

My son, Mac Bryson, was born into Heaven on August 16, 2012. Having a stillborn is unlike anything you could ever imagine. I know, I used to think I could imagine what that loss would be like. The truth is, what I thought only scratched the surface. I had no idea. Grieving your stillborn can be lonely. It can be dark and destructive if we allow it. It could also be a motivation to live life as we never had before.

“What grief does is it puts us squarely in the middle of a fire, and it burns away everything that is not essential in our lives.” ~ Alana Sheeran

This quote perfectly sums up what happened after Mac. It wasn’t immediate for me. It took time but, slowly I realized how I craved to LIVE in honor of Mac. I made promises to him and my two living children, Hagen and Suzie. I promise to speak out on stillbirth and the grief surrounding it. This is where “Bereaved, Blessed, and All Things in Between” was born. It was through my desire to start a global conversation around the grief surrounding stillbirth. I want to let people know if they are experiencing this loss they are not alone. Their grief will at times want to get the best of them but, they can get through this. I want to ease the feeling loneliness by having more conversations with other bereaved parents and putting their stories out there. My hope is that not only will it touch the hearts of the grieving parents but, also open the minds of those surrounding them. Allowing them to see the grief is lifelong for us. Our babies are never far from our hearts and thoughts no matter how many years have passes. I want them to hopefully feel more comfortable around us if our babies come up in conversation.

I am honored Johanna allowed me into her heart and shared Nicholas with me and with you. Their story is their own but, maybe you can relate to it in some way. Please take a moment watch this courageous conversation. Help us create more conversation and open minds around stillbirth.

Courageous Conversation with Johanna Traveras~

Nicky and Johanna Taveras were newly married in September 2009 when they learned they were expecting. A beautiful, surprise that was whole-heartedly embraced. They were excited! They started planning their lives, their future with a new baby in it. Not long after learning this beautiful surprise was a boy, he was names. Nicholas Taveras a tribute to his Daddy.

Can you picture the joy Nicky and Johanna had? I can imagine her placing her hand on her belly as Nicholas moved inside her. Talking with friends and family about the plans they had for their nursery or how once Nicholas was here how they would hold and love him.

The future was bright and exciting. They dreamed of the day they would hold their baby, rock him, giggle with him, play ball with him… there was no moment in their future that did not have this beautiful baby beside them.

Nothing prepared them for what they were about to endure.

In one day their dreams shattered and life as they knew it stopped.

Nicholas Taveras was born into Heaven on June 17, 2010.

Six years ago today at 11:28am, they held their sweet baby born still. He weighed 3lbs 4oz, and was 17 inches long.He had the cutest chubby cheeks and his mom’s feet.

Today, his memory is very much alive. He is thought of everyday. He is loved just as much, if not more. He is missed so much.

Johanna and Nicky credit this sweet boy for such a positive perspective in life. As a Transformation/Detox Coach, Johanna gives full credit to her little boy in the decision to not only motivate her to live a healthy and full life but, to help others do the same. She is changing lives through her work and knows her little boy would be proud of her.

They think of their Nicholas often. When they see their three girls playing their thoughts go straight to Nicholas and they wonder how life would be different with him here. Johanna can’t help but dream of him anytime she hears of someone with his name or when she sees a newborn baby boy.

Nicholas has such amazing parents. They are inspiring, living life after loss can be devastating and lonely causing great heartache. They living their lives today with bravery, taking comfort knowing their guardian angel, Nicholas, is watching over them.

It was such a pleasure talking with Johanna Rosario-Taveras about her sweet son, Nicholas.  This honor is something I will forever be grateful for.

Johanna is doing wonderful things in honor of her son, Nicholas.

“I help people reach their health, wellness and wealth goals. I coach people through a 10 day raw vegan organic cleanse. It helps people break their addictions to processed foods, reset their metabolism and reduce inflammation in the body. The cleanse is really just a gateway, I work with my clients to develop a plan to help them meet their goals. My pregnancies after my stillbirth were filled with with anxiety because I always feared the worst. But, I learned about this amazing organic superfood company that truly helped change my life. I was healthy and was fueling myself my body with healthy superfoods and changed my relationship with food. My last pregnancy was picture perfect thanks to an amazing lifestyle change my husband and I committed to.”

To learn more about Johanna’s coaching click HERE.

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