My Armor; Strength in Standing Alone After Stillbirth

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There is no better teacher of our strength than standing on our own, owning our story as worthy of the pain we feel without expectations of validation. Sometimes we learn this no matter how desperately we resist.

9 Ways Exercise Helps With Grief

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Exercise (no matter the type) is beneficial for our health; we know this. But... do you know how it can be especially beneficial to those of us grieving? This is what you need to know.

His Brother Was Stillborn; I Don’t Have to Remind Him…

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I've heard I shouldn't remind my living children about their stillborn brother. What they don't realize is, I don't. To those that offer up your unsolicited and unexperienced words so freely, may this give you another perspective.

Stillbirth; How To Heal Over Holidays

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Holidays after a stillbirth can add salt to our wounds. Throughout the years, we have figured out how to heal our hearts and honor our stillborn, Mac.

Dear Mac; A Letter to My Stillborn Son~ Silent moments, big tears.

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It is amazing how I go along without anything triggering my grief and then out of nowhere…. BAM! It comes at the least expected time and in the most random way.

Dear Mac; The bitter sweet moments

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Dear Mac, I thought about you a lot today. You must have been on Suzie's mind too because she kept asking questions about you.