Dear Mac; A Letter to My Stillborn Son: THIS YEAR IS HARD

An open letter to my son, Mac, on how life has a way of helping you out if you let it.

Dear Mac; Bitter Sweet Time of Year

A heartfelt letter to Mac as his birthday approaches and some must-have advice to those new to this grief.

Dear Mac; A Letter to My Stillborn Son~ Silent moments, big tears.

It is amazing how I go along without anything triggering my grief and then out of nowhere…. BAM! It comes at the least expected time and in the most random way.

Dear Mac; The bitter sweet moments

Dear Mac, I thought about you a lot today. You must have been on Suzie's mind too because she kept asking questions about you.

Dear Mac; A Letter To My Stillborn Son… Heaven’s Company

Dear Mac, I don't know Mac, maybe Heaven is in the air lately because I have been thinking a lot of the loved ones there with you.

Dear Mac; A Letter To My Stillborn Son, I Am In Control

Dear Mac, Merry Christmas my sweet boy. Can you feel how much I have been thinking of you lately? Every Christmas, as your Daddy and I shop for your brother’s and sister’s Christmas gifts, I wonder what we would have on our list for you.

The Day Is Approaching… I’m Not Ready

It is August again, that time of year when life seems to slow down and yet pass so quickly all at the same time. Your 3rd heavenly birthday is quickly approaching and will be here before I know it.