Dear Mac; A Letter to My Stillborn Son: THIS YEAR IS HARD

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An open letter to my son, Mac, on how life has a way of helping you out if you let it.

Dear Mac; Bitter Sweet Time of Year

A heartfelt letter to Mac as his birthday approaches and some must-have advice to those new to this grief.

Dear Mac; A Letter to My Stillborn Son~ Silent moments, big tears.

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It is amazing how I go along without anything triggering my grief and then out of nowhere…. BAM! It comes at the least expected time and in the most random way.

Dear Mac; The bitter sweet moments

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Dear Mac, I thought about you a lot today. You must have been on Suzie's mind too because she kept asking questions about you.

Dear Mac; A Letter To My Stillborn Son… Heaven’s Company

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Dear Mac, I don't know Mac, maybe Heaven is in the air lately because I have been thinking a lot of the loved ones there with you.