9 Ways Exercise Helps With Grief

Exercise (no matter the type) is beneficial for our health; we know this. But... do you know how it can be especially beneficial to those of us grieving? This is what you need to know.

1 Question Stillbirth Makes Me Ask

What a dramatic question. Sounds as if it should immediately follow a horrific accident. Have you ever had to ask this question? My guess is no.

Stillbirth; How To Heal Over Holidays

Holidays after a stillbirth can add salt to our wounds. Throughout the years, we have figured out how to heal our hearts and honor our stillborn, Mac.

Bereaved & Blessed: Johanna Traveras honors Nicholas

Courageous conversation with Johanna Traveras in honor of her son, Nicholas, the impact he has had and how she continues to grieve greatheartedly.

Dear Mac, I’m Growing Through Grief

A personal, yet very open letter to my son about my purpose, my hopes for other bereaved parents and those around them.

Dear Mac; A Letter To My Stillborn Son, I Am In Control

Dear Mac, Merry Christmas my sweet boy. Can you feel how much I have been thinking of you lately? Every Christmas, as your Daddy and I shop for your brother’s and sister’s Christmas gifts, I wonder what we would have on our list for you.

God Works in Mysterious Ways; Remembering a Special Moment

My Aunt Brenda, aka “Aunt Brenny” (as I affectionately call her), was so special to me. Her laugh was genuine and unlike any other laugh I have ever heard.

The Day Is Approaching… I’m Not Ready

It is August again, that time of year when life seems to slow down and yet pass so quickly all at the same time. Your 3rd heavenly birthday is quickly approaching and will be here before I know it.

What You NEED To Know About Your Grief

If you ever find yourself asking what good could possibly come from your grief, I want you remember this.

3 ” F ” Words I — Used When My Son Was Stillborn

My son, Mac Bryson, was 37 weeks old when he was stillborn. He lived his entire life inside of me. I was with him the moment his little heart started beating and I was there the moment his little heart beat for the last time.