Stillbirth: 7 Things I Wish I Knew in the Beginning

I wish there was a guidebook for surviving the first few days, weeks and months after you have your stillborn. It wouldn't take the pain away, but it sure would help us navigate our way through a lonely, unknown path. If there was, it would look a little something like this...

His Brother Was Stillborn; I Don’t Have to Remind Him…

I've heard I shouldn't remind my living children about their stillborn brother. What they don't realize is, I don't. To those that offer up your unsolicited and unexperienced words so freely, may this give you another perspective.

1 Question Stillbirth Makes Me Ask

What a dramatic question. Sounds as if it should immediately follow a horrific accident. Have you ever had to ask this question? My guess is no.

Stillbirth; How To Heal Over Holidays

Holidays after a stillbirth can add salt to our wounds. Throughout the years, we have figured out how to heal our hearts and honor our stillborn, Mac.

Dear Mac; A Letter to My Stillborn Son~ Silent moments, big tears.

It is amazing how I go along without anything triggering my grief and then out of nowhere…. BAM! It comes at the least expected time and in the most random way.

Bereaved & Blessed: Johanna Traveras honors Nicholas

Courageous conversation with Johanna Traveras in honor of her son, Nicholas, the impact he has had and how she continues to grieve greatheartedly.

Dear Mac; The bitter sweet moments

Dear Mac, I thought about you a lot today. You must have been on Suzie's mind too because she kept asking questions about you.

Dear Mac; A Letter To My Stillborn Son… Heaven’s Company

Dear Mac, I don't know Mac, maybe Heaven is in the air lately because I have been thinking a lot of the loved ones there with you.

Dear Mac, I’m Growing Through Grief

A personal, yet very open letter to my son about my purpose, my hopes for other bereaved parents and those around them.